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A living room deserves gorgeous furniture set for functional and aesthetic reason. This time, the two piece living room set can be your first choice. This furniture set basically refers to two piece living room sofa. It has been a very popular item especially for medium and big living space. Instead of buying only one piece sofa set, the two piece gives more choices in terms of arrangement and space. Just like any other sofa set, there are various designs available from the classic simple two piece sofa to unique and accent sofa set. So, let’s learn about the available choices to make your living room living your dream.

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Two Piece Sofa and Loveseat

Here is among the most popular design, two piece sofa set that includes a sofa and a loveseat. At lot of seating space is the first reason this sofa set design chosen. Usually, it can accommodate up to 5 adults at once. So, you do not have to worry about inviting your best friends to have a nice small party on Friday night.

The sofa is longer than the loveseat. The sofa’s standard size is 80 inch x 36 inch x 35 inch. Meanwhile, the loveseat’s standard size is 57 inch x 36 inch x 35 inch. In terms of material, there are various options available. For instance, a mixture of polyester and polypropylene. The oriented strand board frame and hardwood are used to make the legs and construction. The cushions on the other hand are made from Bob-O-pedic memory foam. If you but a set of this particular sofa, 4 cushions are usually included. And, it is also possible for you to get some discount at certain furniture stores offering products on sale. Usually, the cheapest price for this sofa set is around $400.

2 Piece Left/Right Arm Sectional Sofa

Here comes another two piece sofa set design, the left/right arm sectional sofa. It is a lovely choice for creating a super cozy living room. It does have different design but it still offers spacious seating area which is critical for every home owner. Actually, it resembles a sofa and a bed at once. Yes, it gives a cozy area for seating and lying over. For instance, you can simply lay on the sofa while your kids sit and watch their favorite shows. Thanks to the arm seating area that it can also be used as guest bed when you have guest come over your house. In terms of placement, this sofa set is perfectly placed in a medium to big living room. You may not want to add it into small living room because it will steal the entire space.

Just like other sofa set, this sectional sofa comes with 4 pillow cushions for improved comfort. Meanwhile, the material is your right to choose. If you want to stay low in terms of budget, go for faux leather or microfiber for the upholstery. But if you do not concern about budget, real leather is something that you should afford for two piece living room set. Make sure to choose high quality hardwood for the legs because it gives firmer and stronger construction.

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